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agricultural film

  • Biodegradable Mulch Film


    The film made from biodegradable materials can be completely “Biodegradable”in nature through the action of microorganisms. The final products of degradation are carbon dioxide and water, no pollution to the environment, it was almost completely degraded in 180 days under aerobic composting condition. After many years of trial and application, the results showed that the […]

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  • Dichromatic stripe mulch film


    The crops are planted under the transparent zone, and the furrows are covered with black strips. In addition to the heat and moisture preservation functions of ordinary mulch film, the crops under the transparent zone can fully absorb sunlight and promote production. The weeds under the black belt grow slowly due to insufficient light, so […]

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  • Multi-functional mulch Film


    The film is made of high quality LDPE, LLDPE Resin and functional additives by blending and blow molding. Besides the film’s functions, it also has the functions of drip, aging resistance and heat preservation. The utility model is especially suitable for covering the ground of the melon and fruit crops which have been used for […]

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  • Silvery grey Film


    In addition to the effects of ordinary plastic film warming, moisture preservation, disease prevention, but also can reflect ultraviolet rays, effective repelling aphids, increase the reflection of the ground light, conducive to fruit coloring, used in summer vegetable cultivation, can reduce the ground temperature; At the same time, light reflection can also inhibit the growth […]

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  • Black mulch Film


    The product not only has the function of plastic film, but also has the function of physical weeding, which can remove weeds or inhibit the growth of various weeds. Mainly used for strawberry, cotton, melon and other crops of the ground cover.

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