Product introduction Information disclosure

Multi-functional and durable Po Membrane

Properties of products

PO Film is a new type of agricultural film produced by imported MLLDPE raw material and other additives and by five-layer co-extrusion and external spray drying process.

PO Film Has Super tensile strength and tear resistance, high transparency, rapid temperature rise in the shed, Special Antioxidant and light stabilizer to ensure excellent weather resistance,acid pesticide resistance; The solid film was formed between Hydrophilic Organic matter and nano-particles, the hydrophilicity was stable for a long time, and the fog could be restrained.

Range of application

It is suitable for aquiculture, aquatic crop planting and continuous cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. . It is especially suitable for planting in the environment with big temperature difference between day and night, high humidity in the Cash crop and long time of sealing in the shed.